Planned Giving



We are living through extraordinary times.

We’ve never before experienced the suspension of public masses or parish gatherings. For most of us in our parish this is a cause for great sorrow, particularly at this time of Easter. However, we do need to steel ourselves for the Coronavirus crisis to last for months – and for its impact to touch every household.

Despite these challenges, we cannot lose heart. The work of the Church will continue. The work of our parish must go on, even if in different forms. Our church will be completed. We will continue live streaming our parish masses and other important events.

On behalf of Fr. Geoff and the parish council, I sincerely thank you all for your continued financial support through our planned giving arrangements and direct deposits. I understand that those in difficulty in our parish may need to review their level of support.

Our principal source of funding comes from our planned giving contributions. The absence of regular collections at mass have caused a shortfall in plate collections as well as planned giving envelopes placed in the second collection. However, envelopes can be placed in the parish-house letterbox if you are able to continue your contributions. Many of you already contribute sacrificial giving via direct debit. Not only is this a wonderful gift, it is a gift we can rely on and plan around and we sincerely thank you. A Direct Debit form can be downloaded from our website and Facebook page for those wishing to use this facility. Fill out the form, don’t forget to sign, scan it and email it to the parish office or place it in the parish-house letterbox.

For those who are able to continue with your generous financial support of our parish, we are deeply grateful. It means the work of the parish can continue in these difficult times. Thank you for your commitment to the parish. It is deeply appreciated.

Fr Geoff asked me to assure you all that he is earnestly praying for you, your families and all parish intentions in his daily private celebrations of mass.

God Bless

Bryan Evans

Parish Council