From the Parish Priest – Fr. Geoff Aldous

Baldivis parish is under the title of ‘Saint Teresa of Calcutta’ (or more simply known as ‘Mother Teresa’). Her spirit of simplicity, openness to the world and reaching out to Christ in the poor is the spirit we endeavour to develop in our parish.
Mother Teresa’s is a relatively new parish. The first Mass was celebrated on Christmas Eve, 2010, at Settlers Primary School. For the next three years Mass was held in the Chapel at Tranby College. We moved to our own school when the first stage of Mother Teresa Catholic College was opened in 2014. Since then the ‘undercover’ or assembly area has provided a very pleasant and functional home for our weekend Masses and some other activities. It has also engendered a close relationship between school and parish.
We have a very mixed community, with a growing number of people from perhaps 40 different countries. We rejoice in the gifts that all bring to our community. We also have a good spread of ages, with lots of toddlers right up to the ‘older faithfuls’. But overall we feel a young community, with lots of joy and vitality.

We are not a high-powered organisation (in fact we’re happy to be a little bit ‘lay back’), but we try to do things well, and many people are involved in giving generously of their time and talents, seeking to meet the varied needs of the community.
Prior to the opening of the Parish House, many of the parish meetings and groups were held in homes, and my visitation of families a priority. In late 2015, the building of the Parish House was complete, providing priests accommodation, Chapel, and a venue for Weekday Masses, meetings and other activities. As the school grows from K – 12, the parish will also look forward to one day having a church on the same block and at the centre of the whole complex.
But more important than bricks and buildings is the life of our community. As we grow (and Baldivis is a fast growing community) we want to continue to be a welcoming family and open to the broader community.

We welcome you to Baldivis Parish.

Just come along or make yourself known, and we will assist you in any way we can.